Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pigs near prison - the last rehearsal!

Strangeways here WE come
We spent a brief afternoon in rainy Salford - rehearsing for Pohoda and Exit - and we even learnt another new song - the classic 'You're So Stupid' - Wow - we almost have a proper set now! Got our slot on the Europa Stage at Pohoda - on after East India Youth at 03.00 - and at Exit we have an amazing slot on the Explosive Stage at 22.00. Anyway, just a few shots of Strangeways Rehearsal Studios in Salford - why - well why not! The nearest landmark was Strangeways Prison - made famous as the title of the Smith's final 1987 fourth album Strangeways Here We Come - and yes - did I mention it, it was Manchester - and it rained!
Jord, James and Jonah

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