Sunday, 13 July 2014


The Pigs are back from Pohoda in Slovakia and Exit in Serbia - and what a blast! Thank you so much for everyone who came to see us - and our audience in Trencin was the maddest, craziest, best audience in the world EVER - fact! We loved you! And we love Michal's band too who joined us for a reprise of Black Dr Martens - and Ben joined Vydrapená Bužírka Punk System for their last song -Absolutely No Sport' on backing vocals. We LOVED Pohoda!

It was a 03.00 slot - so technically we headlined the entire festival - well maybe - but we just adored the Europa Stage. Thank you! To Michal and his team, to the festival, to the crew - to our guide Mishka - and to the audience.

So the trip was fun - here's James and Jord on the airport bus at Gatwick

And at Pohoda lucky Jonah got a massage!

And then on to our friends in Exit and the Explosive stage. It was a long drive from Slovakia to Novi Sad in Serbia - and two and a half hours and the Hungarian / Serbian border - but we set off at 06.00 - yup no sleep - and got there mid afternoon. Then James got food poisoning .... from a dodgy motorway sandwich - but James survived - and thanks to the fabulous staff and crew at the Explosive stage we made our 22.20 slot with plenty of time - and good sound - and another great crowd! We had a blast - and caught some other bands too. Thank you Ivan. Thank you Milan. Thank you Igor. Thank you Slobondan. Thank you Exit!

On stage at the Explosive stage - thanks to James Drury for the snap

Pigs rock! snapped by the Serbian press

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