Friday, 20 July 2012

Live Live Live!

Saturday the 14th July was a miserable filthy wet day in London and the crowds at Hyde Park for Bruce Springsteen were faced with a deluge. But for the Pig Ignerents it was off to Kilburn and the Good Ship - and what a great night out turned out to be - kick started by punk poet Jonny - otherwise known as Duck & Weave. The it was the Flying Kangaroo Alliance who were great - two fantastic female vocalists and some nice songs - and then at 9.30pm - us!

We had worked out our six song set was quick - and boy was it quick - we started with 'I Wont be There' followed by 'Wrong Place, Wrong Time' and then 'Call Me Irresponsible'. By now we had a good crowd and even some cheers. Then on to 'Harbour Street', quickly into 'Black Dr Martens' and then it was the last song and straight into 'Radio Interference'. We have to say a big  big thank you to John the sound guy who was really very good indeed - and another big thank you to John the promoter too - its a lovely venue with a nice cool ethos. We stayed to watch In Isolation and the Union Jackals - two more really good bands on an evening that ended up as a really fantastic first gig. And thanks to Andie for the photos and the video of 'Harbour Street' which you can see here

We had a really early start on Sunday as we had to get to Guilfest 2012 quite early - and Guilfest was only just waking up - but the good news was it was SUNNY - yes, actually HOT. That said, Guilfest 2012 was muddy, it had been raining - and it was quite an expedition to get anywhere around the main site. 

We were on the Vive Le Rock stage - headlined by the Undertones, and we were looked after at our stage by the lovely Mick, his production staff and the guys from the sound crew at Bath Uni who were great - I just wish they knew what a punk guitar should sound like! But having feared an empty tent at just past noon, suddenly just before we were about to go on, Guilfesters started appearing and as Jonah hit the first chord for 'I Wont be There' we had a reasonable sized audience - in fact as the song went on we had a rather decent and very enthusiastic audience! 

It was all over in a blur - we worked out our set was at the most 18 minutes and again ended with 'Radio Interference' - and the Stage Manager offered us more time as we had finished early (as planned!) but all good things come to an end - and we had been good and so we ended!

Onwards and upwards - who knows where next for the PIG IGNERENTS! 

Guilfest stage photos: Eddie Moriarty. 
Good Ship photos:  Andie. 

Andie's video here

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